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Highlights of the week:

  • In Literacy we continued our work based around Ted Hughes’ novel The Iron Man.  We came up with our own very inventive ideas about how to trap the Iron Man. We then wrote instructions to explain how to dig a pit to catch him. (the method used by the farmers in the original story) We tried to use imperative verbs, time connectives and precise language in our writing.
  • In Maths we have been learning about fractions. We had fun playing fraction games and folding paper strips into different fractions such as 1/3,1/4/1/6/1/10 to show our understanding. We also designed our own 'Fractions' page for a maths dictionary. We explained the new vocabulary we have learnt, such as numerator and denominator (the top and bottom numbers of a fraction) We learnt the phrase 'Ned Sits on the Donkey to help us remember which one was which! We finished the week finding various fractions of numbers – linking it to division to help.
  • We used tinfoil and other metal objects to create a collage of the Iron Man to place onto our painted seascapes. Some of our finished work will soon be on display outside the classroom so please do come and have a look!

Talk about


  • Tuesday was 'National Safer Internet Day.' We have spent some of our community time this week learning about the importance of staying safe online.  Test your internet safety  knowledge  on the CBBC website:

or try the Think U Know website :


Other ideas:

'Dragon Heart Beats' at the Forum. Sat 15th Feb 2pm and 5.45pm. Part of the Dragon Festival. An explosion of music,pyrotechnics and a 5m long dragon!

The Garage family fun day at Chapelfield, North Norwich on Feb18th. 10-2pm. Admission  free.

No set maths homework but please keep practising times tables and the written methods for all 4 operations.

You can always log on to and play some maths games from Mrs Black’s folder – we’ve added a fractions game!

Have a great half term!

Highlights of the week: weeek commencing 27.1.14

  • In our Science work, we have continued learning about materials. We have been focussing on developing new vocabulary such as rigid, absorbent, transparent etc. We learnt that materials are chosen for use according to their properties. We have also been on a materials walk around the school to discover which materials were used in the building of our school and also looked at some photos of our school when it was under construction. The children were fascinated by this!
  • In Literacy we have begun some work about the Ted Hughes’ novel The Iron Man. We have started to learn the first section of the story with actions. We have done some drama work about this as well as considering the language used, including similes.
  • In Maths we have been working with money; totalling amounts, finding change and solving problems involving money.
  • In music we learning about scales and pitch in music as well as starting to learn to read music.


Talk about

Similes – Remember this means comparing something with another similar thing, using the word like or as. For example, ‘The Iron Man’s helmet guarded his thoughts like armour’

Or, ‘The night was as black as coal.’


See how much of the first section of the ‘Iron Man’ your child can remember.


Have a go at playing the ‘Blob Choir’ – it’s all about recognising the notes which have the same pitch.



 Other ideas:

• There are performances of Liang and the Magic Paintbrush on at the Puppet Theatre tomorrow. Details here Ties in with Chinese New Year. There’s also a Chinese Dragon puppet making workshop on too. It looks like there are still spaces.


• Find out some more about Chinese New Year – maybe try some Chinese food and have a go at using chopsticks?


• Have a go at speaking Mandarin here

Highlights of the week:

  • In Maths we have been applying maths in a real life context by solving word problems. This is a very challenging area of maths so we have been helping ourselves by crossing out the irrelevant information and picking out the important numbers and the words that help us work out what operation we need to do.
  • In Science we have been thinking really hard about what a scientist is and what they do. We drew pictures of our initial thoughts – which featured lots of (mostly male) mad scientists in lab coats with exploding potions! As the week has gone on, and we have been conducting our research, we have discovered that there are many different types of scientist. We have also been learning about some famous scientists and how their work has changed the world.
  • We have also become scientists ourselves! We carried out an investigation into whether cornflour and water is a liquid or a solid. See the talk about section for more information.
  • In Literacy, we have been learning how to write up a science experiment. The children had a go at “cold writing” first, writing the experiment up by themselves and have now begun to learn an example by text mapping it, which they will then learn to recite off by heart by adding actions. This will help them internalise all the language they need to successfully write their own.
  • We have also been working very hard to understand what our targets are in Maths and Literacy, so we know what to do to improve our work and make progress.


Talk about:

  • Your discoveries during the cornflour experiment.


  • How were the results different to your prediction? Were you surprised?


  • Can you explain to someone at home what you observed (what happened) and can you explain why?



Other ideas


Look at the following websites to find out about some “real” scientists and some slightly more well-known scientists!


Imagine you were a very accomplished scientist. What would you research/invent and why?




Highlights of the week: week commencing 2nd December 2013

  • We finally learnt of Robert Kett's fate when we stepped into our story this week. We re-enacted the trial of Robert and William Kett.  Some children were given the job of defending the brothers while others had to prosecute. There were some very strong opinions on both sides!
  • We continued to look at the features of newspaper articles. We focused on the use of time connectives and the children found examples of these in different newspaper stories. They also planned and started writing their own newspaper report about the Dussindale Dog Day last Friday.
  • We’ve been busy writing and illustrating a factual recount of the events of the story of Robert Kett and the rebellion.
  • We looked at the village sign of Wymondham which depicts a scene from Kett’s rebellion (as well as some other village signs) and had a go at designing a sign for Dussindale, to represent the historical battle that took place on our own doorstep!
  • In singing we’ve been working hard on practising the Christmas Carols for our Christmas Performances.
  • In maths we have been working really, really hard learning to tell the time! After making our own clock faces which we had to accurately label, we made slit clocks with only an hour hand to see if we could tell the time using just 1 hand like the first clocks invented. This helped us gain a true understanding of the clock hands’ function.

Talk about:

Talk about time in everyday contexts, the different times you do things throughout the day, how long tasks take etc. Try looking at the time on both analogue and digital clocks.


Play this game to practise some more!

PLEASE NOTE – Please may we have your child’s outfit for the Christmas Performances on FRIDAY 13th DECEMBER (not before, we don’t have space to store them for long).  If they have a Christmas jumper and hat and scarf, that would be perfect. If not, just the hat and scarf will be fine. Please send in a named carrier bag. Thank you!

Also, if you have any cookie cutters we could borrow for making our bird feeders for Family Learning please would you send them in?

Other ideas

• There is a Medieval Christmas market at Dragon Hall on both days over the weekend. Obviously this would be really interesting for the children as we have begun finding out a little about Dragon Hall which is one of the few buildings still standing that would have been in Norwich at the time of Kett’s Rebellion.

• There’s a wonderful sounding Physics Fest on at City Academy on Bluebell Road on Sunday between 2 and 5pm. There are two talks which are suitable – Tripping the Light Fantastic and Sounds Amazing. There are also lots of activities that are on throughout the afternoon. Check out the website for further details.



Week commencing 25th November 2013

Highlights of the week:

  • This week we stepped further into our story, we discovered that Kett and his rebels stormed the city walls of Norwich and engaged in fierce fighting on the streets of Norwich. The children were excellent as imagining themselves both as rebels and residents of Norwich.
  • We continued researching some of Norwich’s historic buildings and used our ICT skills to write up the facts we had learnt for display using Microsoft Word. We played around with font, size, colour and other text effects.
  • In maths we have been looking at position and direction. The children have been learning to understand the difference between horizontal and vertical as well as using coordinates to describe the position accurately.
  • The children have done a fantastic job of text mapping and learning a news report based on the story of Little Red Riding Hood ‘Local lumber-jack wins medal’. We are now looking more closely at the features of News reports (such as headlines) so we will be able to write our own.
  • We all had a brilliant fundraising day for the Dog’s Trust on Friday! After coming to school in our pyjamas we enjoyed a lovely hot dog lunch and took part in a workshop run by the dogs trust.




Talk about:

Can the children recite any of the news report they have learnt?


Find out more about the work of the dog’s trust.

 and play some of the games








Other ideas

Christmas fair at The Assembly Rooms


Christmas at the Bridewell Get into the Christmas spirit at the Bridewell Museum with delightful decorations to make and take home. Join the NYPT Voices choir for carols around our festive courtyard tree from 1.30 - 2.30pm. All included with Museum admission

 Museum Takeover Day! As part of the Kids in Museums UK wide campaign 'Takeover Day' which encourages children and young people to become more involved in museums and heritage sites, Strangers' Hall has invited young people in. Dressed as costumed characters, they will be taking over some key activities in the house, such as 17 century bed-making and Victorian game-playing. Come along and see how they are getting on!

Highlights of the week: w/c 9th September

  • We are delighted with how well the children have settled into Columbus Class, we have spent a lot of time thinking about the sort of class we would like to work in. We have all agreed to adhere to our class contract so that we are all happy, safe and can learn.
  • We have participated in several team work activities in which we had to collaborate and solve problems. One challenge was to build the tallest tower using only one packet of midget gems and one packet of cocktail skills. The towers had to stand up by themselves and all the children in the team had to be fully involved in the design and construction of the towers.
  • The children have been working hard on making their work look absolutely beautiful. We have been practising our handwriting every day and creating fabulous front covers for our books.
  • This week we have been learning the poem ‘My Teacher Wasn’t Half As Nice As Yours Seems To Be’ by Roald Dahl. The children have learnt the poem off by heart and were able to perform it with actions during Friday’s assembly. What a great first week!


Talk about:

The children have decided that their classroom groups should be named after favourite animals. The children enjoyed choosing the animals and made fantastic signs to represent their group. This week try and do a little research into your child’s animal (groups are – dogs, gorillas, monkeys, pandas, wolves)


Do you know where your animal comes from and where it lives?

What does your animal eat?

Can you find out any fun facts about your animal?


Other ideas:

Visit the official Roald Dahl website to find out more about the famous author.


Lots of free events going on in Norfolk this weekend

Have a look at this website!