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Primary School

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Activities to try at home


Here is a link that some may find useful to understand how phonics works in school and how we look at the 'pure' sound a letter makes to help us to read and write.  Some sounds require two letters ('ph') while some need three ('igh'). These are called digraphs and trigraphs respectively.  If you wanted to use the Alphablocks clips at home I would recommend aiming for the digraph (two-letter) and trigraph (three-letter) sounds as these are core to the learning we do at school.

For an interactive game to help your child practice their phonics click the link below or search for 'Deep Sea Phonics'...


Multiplication and Division

You can use this website to practice interpreting word problems and decide which operation to use...


Place value

Try to build 3-digit numbers by interpreting Dienes blocks...

..if you would really like a challenge, you could try Place Value Millionaire   - WARNING - VERY TRICKY!!


You can hone your fraction skils with this challenging game where to build your sandcastle you need to answer questions correctly -