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Primary School

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Activities to try at home



Phoneme Pop  -This game  will help your child recognise the sounds we are learning in our phonics sessions. Please note that we have not learnt all of the sounds in each set. It would be best to only play from the first set at the moment.

Please click on the links below to view or download the documents.

This video demonstrates the correct articulation of phonemes. It is important that children learn these 'pure sounds' to help them sound out and blend words accurately.



Problem solving, reasoning and numeracy

Counting shapes - This will help your child to count up to 10 objects reliably. It will also help them to name and recognise 2-D shapes and to also recognise digits to 10.


Blob Chorus - This is the ear training game the children loved playing during our music week. It helps develop an awareness of pitch. Click on 'options' to make the game easier or harder.