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Looking after children’s well-being

Although we would all like our children to sail through their school years without a care in the world, growing up isn’t always easy! It may be friendship issues, family splits, illness in the family, death of a pet – all sorts of things can upset a child’s equilibrium.

 At Dussindale, we have lots of ways to support children who are having a tricky time:

  •  Each child in Key Stage 2 has a “book of worries” - a little notebook that they can write in if they want to share worries with their teacher, but find it hard to talk. These are private, between the child and the teacher. Younger children have opportunities to express their feelings verbally.
  • Several of our staff members have received special training in supporting children through talk and play, and this can be provided at the instigation of the child, parents or the teacher. It’s often really helpful for children to have someone different to talk to about their problems or worries, and they can soon feel much better.
  •  We have a Peer Mediation group of older children – “The Go-Between Team” – who have been trained to support children in sorting out their own difficulties, with the support of a member of staff. This is especially useful for children who are having friendship difficulties.


Family  well-being

  • See the Links page on the Tool bar at the top of the page for useful organisations to support families. The school can also make a referral with the agreement of parents to other agencies who can offer support such as Point 1 and Norfolk Early Help. If you or you family would like support, please contact Sally Bailey (Deputy Head) who can signpost you to other useful organisations.