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JEMISON 2017/18

Jemison class is named after Mae Jemison a Space Scientist and African American woman who made history.  Mae Jemison persevered to accomplish her goals in life.

            As a child, Mae Jemison wanted to become a skilled dancer.  She started taking Jazz and African dance lessons at the age of 9. She studied and practiced for many years, so that by the time she was in high school, Mae was an accomplished dancer. In 1981, Mae became a doctor.  Medical school was very demanding, but Mae did not give up.  The achievement that Mae is best known for is becoming the first African American female astronaut.

After undergoing background checks, physical exams, medical tests, and interviews, Dr. Mae Jemison was accepted into the astronaut program in June, 1987.  Following her acceptance into the program, she spent a year in intensive NASA training. Mae persevered through the many steps in the program, becoming the first African American woman astronaut.

            Even though others sometimes tried to discourage Mae from following her dreams, she was still determined to go after them. She persevered to get what she wanted.  Mae Jemison taught us that we should never “ be limited by others' limited imaginations.”