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Primary School

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Activities to try at home

Maths - Interactive resources is a fantastic website which the school has subscribed to. This means it can be accessed by all pupils at school, and at home. Your child's maths teacher can upload activities for the children to work on into different folders. You can use the search bar at the top of the web page to search for resources and games that you may want to use with your child at home.

Usernames and passwords will be sent home with your child.

Other aspects of the curriculum:

We have been learning about adaptation, and how animals and plants survive in the different environments in which they live. This website is a fun way of looking at how different features and body parts of animals help them live in their habitat. Can your child invent an animal which can live in different environments?



To support our work on rainforests, use the internet to find out some facts!
This website is particularly useful, and has lots of activities and games to try at home:


Explore Google Earth to see where different rainforests are in the world in relation to where we live here in Norwich.


In class we have been taking a photo from outside our window first thing in the morning, and then again just before we go home at the end of the day. It is helping us to see how our weather varies, but also how seasons change the conditions we experience. We have noticed it is starting to get lighter in the mornings now....although it doesnt always seem the case on some days! 
Perhaps you could do a similar thing at home, it also helps to show how plants and trees change as we move into spring. So taking a photo of your garden each day, could work really well.